How to build an Amazon niche site the easy way


What's the single biggest side income earner for me right now?    Amazon based niche and authority sites.  Amazon earnings are more than double Adsense for me. Amazon has a killer affiliate program.  The payout isn't outstanding, but Amazon has one of the most successful conversion ad sales systems on the market right now.  Additionally, whenever anyone visits Amazon using your affiliate link, a cookie is written for 24 hours.  That cookie causes any other purchases by that person to be Continue Reading

Thin Content Penalty on one of my Niche Sites

Thin Content Penalty

Monday, October 13th, 2014 began like every other weekday, I awoke at 5am, made a fresh cup of coffee, grabbed my MacBook and checked my Adsense earnings for the weekend. I immediately noticed that my Adsense earnings were down, and specifically on my main money making niche site. I suspected that maybe it had been down some over the weekend or maybe just a slow traffic weekend.   I pulled up Analytics, and saw that my traffic was WAY down as well.  What the heck? Next over Continue Reading

Side Income Report for September 2014

September 2014 Side Income Report

I just finished updating my income and expenses spreadsheet for September.  September continued my current trend of exceeding prior months income, and September is currently the best month I've had with Amazon, and the best month I think I've ever had online in general. During September I saw in overall increase in revenue of $926.00 over August.  That's a huge increase.  The majority of this income was from Amazon's affiliate program, with Adsense coming in second.   I also began using the Continue Reading

Earn money with MyLikes

Earn Money with MyLikes

Last month, I ran across a great way to earn a little extra cash AND at the same time provide to my social media followers that they would love.   Sounds like a win/win right?  It definitely is.   The affiliate program is called MyLikes, and over the past two weeks I've earned nearly $100.00 using it.   The best part (well, other than the money), is that MyLikes is really easy to set-up and use. What is MyLikes? MyLikes is a really slick affiliate program where they create a "viral Continue Reading

Side Income Report for August 2014

Side Income Report August 2014

Seems like I just hit the publish button on my July 2014 Side Income Report, and here it is September already!   The months are flying by this year. This is the report I've been wanting to share with you all year long.  The report where I finally met my goal of earning $1000.00/month in passive income! I had reported that July was the biggest month of the year for passive income, and August nearly doubled that!  Here's a sneak peek too, my September report is going to be be nearly double of Continue Reading

Building a Niche Site Update#3

Building a Niche Site

Hey folks.  As you may recall, I've been participating in a NSD (Niche Site Duel) with some online friends and niche site experts.  I published two updates earlier this year (update 1 and update 2).  My last update was in May and I thought it was about time I let you know how things were going. Building a Niche Site Update #3 During my last niche site update in May, I told you that I installed a new logo, new theme, and was doing lots of competitor research. Since then, I actually Continue Reading

Build your own PBN Infographic


PBNs are a powerful tool for ranking these days, and are frankly a necessity if you want to rank your sites quickly.   I've personally been building out my own PBN and seeing results.  On page SEO works great, but it's not enough.  Backlinks still play a critical role in ranking.  Natural back links work, but take time, often a year or more.   Correctly executed PBNs, providing high quality back links to your authority or niche sites can get you ranking on page one within months. Doug Continue Reading

Building an ebay Based Niche site

Building an ebay Niche Site

As those of you who read my articles and updates on a frequent basis know,I enjoy building out niche sites on various topics.  The makers of EasyAzon, a plugin I use on my Amazon based niche sites, introduced another plugin recently for eBay called EasyBay.  I thought I'd try it.  I ended up building a whole new niche site for it... In 2009, I had some great success with ebay building out niche stores, but Google all but killed off the whole niche store concept by deranking and penalizing Continue Reading

Search Engine Optimize your category pages

Search Engine Optimize Category Pages

I'm always looking for new ways to add more value for my readers and also to SEO all of my pages the best that I'm able.   A few months ago, on my top earning niche site, I noticed that one of my category pages was getting a lot of click throughs.  I decided to add some text and an image up at the top of the category page to make the page more interesting, helpful and to lower the bounce rate some. It worked, but there was an unintended consequence... SEO for your category pages Over Continue Reading

Earn money with Facebook pages

Earn Money with Facebook Pages

One the things I learned with my Blue Ridge Mountain Life site is that Facebook can be a huge traffic driver, if you play your cards right.  As a result of the success of the Facebook page for that site, I started building out Facebook pages for some of my niche sites, primarily to drive traffic to them. A formula that I've found that works really well is to find a profitable niche, that is photogenic, meaning the niche itself has lots of beautiful photos and build a niche site and Continue Reading