The Friday Most Excellent – The week after a G+ success

March 1, 2013

Last week was an amazing week, due to an article I wrote up that became very popular on Google+.  That week from a traffic and visibility perspective will be hard to beat.  With that said though I certainly can't complain about this week either.  Google+ continues to deliver for me in so many different ways by:

  • Driving very high quality and sticky traffic to my blog
  • Challenging, engaging and thought provoking comments made on nearly all of my Google+ posts
  • Visitors from Google+ also take the time to leave comments on my blog.  I've had more comments in the last two weeks than I ever have.
  • I've interacted directly with some very influential people in the blogosphere.  That never happened on Facebook or Twitter.

Friday Most Excellent

Warning: This Friday Most Excellent is a little longer than usual.  BUT, there is some really great information in here.  So stay with it.  Not something I'll normally do, but I just had to share some of this really valuable information with you.

The week after my big Google+ article

Many of  you had asked me to update them on my traffic after last weeks big success with my Google+ article.  Well, here's a screen shot from my Google Analytics from Friday February 15th - Yesterday, February 28th:

Google Analytics after big success

Click for a larger image

You can see, prior to the G+ article success, I was around 100 visits per day.   Sometimes 120-130, but never much lower than 100 or so during the week.  Then of course on Tuesday, the big success with the G+ article.  The next day you can see a pretty dramatic drop, but traffic was still higher than usual due to people continuing to read the article.  Traffic throughout the week continues to decrease, as I expected it would

My biggest traffic days are Monday and Tuesday.  Traffic then slowly drops through the week and especially on the weekends.  You can see that pattern in the graph.

Now, what really surprised me was the following week.  Monday resulted in 317 visits, followed by 309 on Tuesday.  That is more than double my normal traffic levels.  I can't give all the credit to Google+ here though, as the same Google+ article picked up a little steam on Pinterest.  I share my articles on both Google+ and Pinterest each time they are published.  I'll go into Pinterest vs Google+ in the next section.

My assumption for this week would be a return to normal for traffic.  I think the jury is still out on whether that will be the case or not.  Yesterday (Thursday) was 128 visits.  Comparing that to other Thursdays over the month, 128 is about normal.

My follower count did increase as a result of all this, as well as my mailing list subscribes.  I now have the dubious honor of having 643 people follow me.

My Google+ post about A-List bloggers not engaging

Earlier this week, I posted a Google+ post expressing my concerns about some A-List bloggers not engaging with their readers.  I really debated posting it, because I knew it would be a little controversial and I was publicly raising an issue about the same people that could have significant influence on the success of my blog.  My concern was enough to where I felt it was an issue that needed to be said and so I published it.

To my surprise many people agreed with my concerns and I started getting a lot of good discussion via comments.  Then Darren Rowse of Problogger joined and added even more great conversation.   Darren also shared the post on his profile which caused even more comments and interaction.  Yesterday, Chris Garrett joined in as well.  I'll be honest, these are both guys I look up to and highly respect - they are "blogging rockstars".  To have them join into some discussion on my G+ post was beneficial and exciting.  I've interacted with Darren Rowse off and on over my 6 years of blogging, and have found him nothing less than a humble, honest, sincere and down right nice guy.  He continued to confirm that in the comments he left on my post.

The result of this post?  This screenshot was taken from Google Plus Data yesterday morning:

Number 1 in North Carolina

I had seen others, like Rand Wilson and Jesse Wojdylo post these, but it was the first time I had one good enough to post.  I was thrilled, especially since I out ranked Jesse Wojdylo, who as some of you might have noticed is a bit competitive ;-).

There are more than 150,000 people in NC on Google+, to be number 1 was shocking for me.

Pinterest vs. Google+

Over the past two weeks, I've received a good amount of traffic from both Google+ and Pinterest.  What I'm seeing though is that Pinterest can drive a large amount of traffic to your blog, but the traffic isn't sticky.  Google+ on the other hand is very sticky.  Here's a screenshot from my Google Analytics for the past two weeks:

Pinterest vs. Google+

Note the huge difference in Pages/Visit, Visit Duration, and Bounce Rate.  Google+ visitors stay on your site far longer, and also click and read other articles.  Pinterest visitors?  They read the pinned article and leave.  Google+ delivers the kind of traffic you want and Google+ is where I will continue to focus my time.

Are you seeing a similar trend?

The Friday Most Excellent

Ok, now that all of that is out of the way, it's time for this weeks Friday Most Excellent!

Here are my favorite reads from the blogophere this week:

  • Facebook is to "friend" what Apple is to "genius" - Now, being an Apple fanboy, I don't like the analogy but the article is a good read.  Leaving Facebook is something I've been struggling with.  I certainly don't use it as much now, but I do still use it.  Are my "friends" friends?  A few of them, yes.  Most of them?  No.
  • Is working from home right for you? - While the article is targeted at women, the article applies to both men and women.  Lynnae hits on some good things to consider when trying to decide to work from home or not and provides some great tips for helping you be successful if you do decide working from home is right for you.  I work from home full-time and will attest to the quality of information in this article.
  • Michael Belk wrote up an article late last week about How to sue a cruise ship and the obstacles you might face.  I challenged  whether it was really ethical to sue, especially in a situation where nobody was intentionally negligent.  Michael wrote up an article that responds to my question called: What makes a lawsuit ethical?  Laws or personal ethics?  This is all a very interesting discussion and I think Michael really gives us some good perspectives to consider.  Definitely a good read.
  • The Anti-Blog Post to Writing Better Blog Posts - This was probably one of my most favorite reads of week.  The articles challenges us to be original and unique.  If you are a content writer, you have to read this.
  • Have a problem?  SWOT it away - I never really considered using the SWOT process for more personal types of issues, but Charities article made me realize you certainly could!  The article is a good read, especially for those not familiar with the SWOT process for tackling problems and issues.
  • Hangout Recording and Video Editing Tools For Mac Owners - Have a Mac?  Rand Wilson shares some tips on how to record and edit videos from Google Hangouts.

Hope all of you have a great weekend

Photo by: Paxson Woelber


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