The Friday Most Excellent – When the blogging gets tough…

February 8, 2013


"When the going gets tough, the tough get going".  Well, the "going" here on Side Income Blogging has been tough over the past few weeks.  My income isn't the level I would like and my traffic levels have for some reason decided to flatline over the past two months.  I'm not complaining really, just expressing some frustration as I really can't figure out why.

I've been doing all of the right things - guest posting, commenting on other blogs, active in social media, and SEO optimizing my posts.  Based on comments and social media activity, I think my content is good (please tell me if it's not - I can take it), so I'm not really sure what the problem is.  What's interesting is that my traffic from Pinterest and Google+ are way up, but my search engine traffic is down.

When the blogging gets tough...

Regardless, this type of situation doesn't cause me to throw up my hands, get mad or even walkaway, it causes me to focus.  I like to win, and I see this as nothing more than a challenge and I need to "win".  Situations like inspire me.  On Monday, I decided it was time to get things moving.  Here are just a  few adjustments I've made:

  • Writing more - This article will be the fourth published this week.  Given I've been struggling to publish two a week, that's double the activity.  A trend I would really like to continue.
  • More active on social media - I've also been more active this week on social media as well.  This includes Google+, Pinterest and I even checked out the new changes at StumbleUpon.  This includes sharing some of my older posts to expose new follows to them.
  • Optimizing my posts for SEO - I've been monitoring the search engine traffic to some of my older posts that aren't high ranking on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and tweaking them to make them rank higher.  I'm hoping overtime this will get my search engine traffic back up.

I've talked about the peaks and valley's associated with blogging before, and I'm just in one of those valley's I just have to push through.  Frankly, I spend too much time worrying about my Google Analytics, when I should just be focused on writing.

This weeks Most Excellent

In the early days of this blog, I started something called The Friday Most Excellent where I shared some of the great reads from other blogs I had comes across during the week.  I'm restarting this going forward.

Here are my favoriate posts of the week:

  • How One Women Changed This Man - If you read anything this week, read this article.  Heads up, it's not about blogging but it's heart warming, touching, and a wonderful reminder about what is truly important in life.  Have a tissue handy.
  • The “Above the Fold” Myth Debunked - Users have learned to scroll and it's become a natural part of using the web.  This article debunks the myth that your call to actions do better above the fold.  This article actually shows a 304% increase by putting your CTA below the fold.  Yes, I said 304% increase.
  • Get Over Yourself and Get On Google+ - Brian Clark of Copyblogger encourages people to join Google+.  Google+ is not the ghost town everyone said it was, and even the major players like Brian are recognizing this.  I was really glad to see him speak out.  I've been reading Brian's blog since my early days of blogging, and Brian has a great deal of influence.
  • 58 Tips for Transforming Your Blog and Dazzling Your Readers - I've said it before, blogging isn't easy.  This article agrees, and shares 58 tips that you can use to improve your blog.  Good stuff!
  • Make the Switch - While not a read per say, Make the Switch is a website that will help you move from Facebook to Google+.  Haven't made the switch yet?  I would strongly encourage to.  I really believe that participating in Google+ now and setting up authorship will have a huge positive impact on your blog's near future.  I'll be discussing more about this in an article next week.

Oh, one more thing before I go.  I absolutely love helping out new bloggers, especially those that are passionate and excited about their topic.

My friend Jess has been planning and working on her blog for a few weeks now, and went live with The Thrifty Shack yesterday.  Jess knew what she wanted, and myself and Kym of Stringbean17 just helped guide her down the path of making her blog dream a reality.  Jess is blogging about frugal living and creativity.  Her and her husband are great people and great friends.  Please head over and leave her an encouraging comment.   If her niche looks of interest to you, subscribe.  If you know some friends that might me interested, recommend The Thrifty Shack to them.  I'm really looking forward to reading some of the great content she has planned.

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