The Friday Most Excellent – Mother’s Day Edition

May 10, 2013

Having six kids, Mother's Day is a pretty special day in our house, or at least I do my best to make it a special day.  My wife is an amazing women, and somehow manages to keep everyone fed, clothed, shuttled back and forth to school and other activities each and every day.  Then manages to come home and cook a wonderful meal almost every night.  I'm not really sure how she does it to be honest, but I'm very thankful for her and consider myself incredibly blessed.  I, nor my kids couldn't have asked for better.

To all of you Mother's out there, I sincerely wish you a very Happy Mother's Day and hope you get to have a wonderful and relaxing day on Sunday!

Mothers Day

The Friday Most Excellent!

I'll be heading out here shortly to take care of a few things in preparation for both Mother's Day and my wife's birthday which is also Sunday, but before I do, here's are my favorite reads for the week:

  • Charles Keys of Back Roads Living wrote an article here on Side Income Blogging this week called: The Power of Facebook and Social Media.  Charles shared his very personal story of being faced with financial devastation and how him and his wife created a blog and have begun to turn their financial situation around.  If you missed, make sure you give it a read.
  • Bob Dunn of bobwp wrote: Why You Need a Gravatar.  I've seen a number of new and experienced bloggers that don't have these lately, and Bob is right, you do need a Gravatar.  Read through his article and go set one up.
  • Jesse Wojdylo of Wojdylo Fiannce wrote wrote a great article this week: Want To Be Successful?  Read This.  Jesse's article was a really good reminder about the importance of reading.  Absolutely something I need to do more of.  I read tons of articles online, but I need to read more books.  I'm starting next week.
  • Sean Ogle of Location 180 wrote an article about: The Hardest Part About Blogging (That you never expected).  I have to admit that I can relate to this article.  I tend to be very competitive and easily get jealous or envious.  Definitely something I work on daily, but it's a struggle.
  • Rand Wilson of Learn Success the Easy Way shared some insights on How Google Cheats You Out Of Search Results.  I can't remember how, but I learned this the hard way doing some research early last year, but it was a great reminder.
  • Mike Allton of The Social Media Hat wrote about he uses social networks.  Like Mike, I use Facebook for only personal stuff these days.  All of my blogging and side income stuff is shared on Google+.
  • Adam Roseland of Make Money with Niche Sites is writing a niche site series that's a really good read.  The first article is: Niche Site Guide Part 1: Domain name researching, planning and goals.  Adam joined the Niche Site Community that Jason Hill and I started on Google+ and is definitely somebody you'll want to follow if niche site building interests you.
  • Brian Clark the designer and developer of the Genesis (affiliate link) theme, rolled out another new Genesis based theme on his website.  I'm not a fan of the dark colors he uses, but I really like the layout.

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