Google may ding you for those guest posts

I recently wrote about 5 reason's you might want to decline a guest post request. I specifically stated that two of these reasons (4 and 5) could have negative impact to your Google search engine rankings. I would seems I was dead on.

Matt Cutts, head of webspam at Google and unofficial spokes person for "all things Google search" released a video this week confirming my concerns. Matt basically states that blogs that post guest posts that Google deems not "High Quality" can and will have "negative consequences" to your blog. This basically means it will have negative impact to your blog's search engine rankings.

Pay close attention to those guest posts before you press publish

In other words, if you post "low quality" guest posts on your blog, you might want to consider changing your policy and perhaps even removing those posts from your site. What constitutes low quality?

  1. Posting guest posts from "article farms". These are companies that get paid to write guest posts containing specific links. Generally these writers are not experts on the content. Also, these companies are often guilty of posting duplicate and almost 100% similar content on numerous blogs.
  2. Guest posts done by freelance writers purely for the sake of link building.
  3. Guest posts containing links to low quality or non-reputable sites.

This is not to say that you shouldn't accept and post guest posts from well known and what Matt referred to as "High Quality" writers. You absolutely should, and posting articles from "high quality" writers can really benefit your blog. Just be careful and do your homework.

Do a little searching on the writers name and see how many articles they have published on other blogs, pay attention to the quality of the articles they've written, and confirm that the article that has been submitted to you isn't a duplicate or almost a duplicate of an article already out there. Also, verify any links included in the article to be sure they are "high quality" links.

Maintaining good search engine rankings for your blog and articles can have significant impact to your blog's traffic and ultimately your blog's income. Given Google accounts for 99% of the search engine traffic for my blogs, making sure I keep Google "happy" with my blog is very high on my priority list. You should make it high on your priority list as well.